3D Drawing service manchester

3D visualisations

As part of the design process, 3D visualisations can be created to show the client how their sign will look before final sign off.

They can also be used in planning applications to help gain approval for the proposed sign.

If numerous design options have been requested, multiple images can be created to allow the client to compare each option side by side.

Visuals can be shown in a night time environment to demonstrate how an illuminated sign will appear.

Both photomontages and computer-generated images (including animations) can be produced.

 Shadows, lighting, textures and reflections are included to maximise the realism of the visualisation.

We feel that 3D visualisations are the most effective way of a client understanding exactly what they are going to get before it goes into production.

Because visuals are in an electronic format, they can be easily distributed to various parties to aid the approval process.