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Wall coverings

Plain walls can be brought to life with colourful bespoke wall coverings.

These are used to further implement a company’s brand, often featuring logos, photographs, illustrations and mission statements. 

Wall coverings can come with an anti-microbial laminate helping to keep surfaces clean and hygienic, whilst also reducing the risk of cross-contamination (ideal for the healthcare, leisure and education sectors where cleanliness is crucial).


In recent years, polycril has become our most popular wall covering product.

Polycril is a one-piece textile material and is available up to 5 metres high by an almost limitless width, without joints.

Wall paper

Beta Signs can supply a range of large format wall covering materials which are pasted to the wall in 1.3 metre wide drops, just like traditional wallpaper. 


Alternatively, there are a vast range of self-coloured vinyl films available that come with a self-adhesive backing.


Where a textured finish is required, Beta Signs can provide 3M Di-Noc, which is a high quality self-adhesive material.

Di-Noc is available in a range of different textures, including wood, stone, metal, leather, etc…


Sometimes it may not be possible to apply graphics directly to a wall that is rough and uneven.

Instead, graphics can be applied to a smooth, flat Aluminium composite panel that is in turn fixed to the wall.