• Project information:

    In May 2021, Claptrap The Venue in Stourbridge, got in touch with Beta Signs as they required a brand new sign to go on the exterior of their building.

  • Our brief:

    Claptrap The Venue is an alternative live music venue that promotes local talent, and so the client required a sign that would reflect this.

  • Our designer worked closely with the client to come up with different colourways that complimented their brand and style.

  • As the client did not have a set of specific brand guidelines, it meant our designer was able to present quite a few variations of the logo for them to choose from.

  • Being circular in shape, it was decided that the sign would work best as a built-up aluminium roundel.

  • Our designer took the logo and split the inner and outer elements into two separate built-up shapes, this created a gap between them through which the brickwork behind is visible, resulting in an interesting variation to the standard circle.

  • The overall roundel is 2 metres in diameter, however it was decided that the returns would only be 60mm – This was to ensure that the gap and the brickwork behind was not lost in shadow.

  • The face of the roundel was complete with profile cut vinyl, in cream and yellow which contrasts nicely against the black.

  • The overall look of the finished sign against the elevation compliments the brickwork, which on this particular project was important given the history of the building.

  • Originally the venue was built to house a Mcdonalds restaurant, our installation team fitted the sign in the area just below the trademark ‘M’ which was sympathetic to its backstory.

  • Location:


  • Date completed:

    June 2021