• Project information:

    In September 2020, Thomas Armstrong Construction got in touch with Beta Signs to provide design advice - alongside creative design agency, workbyground - on a converted bus station project in Whitehaven.

  • Our brief:

    The bus station had undertaken a refurbishment that transformed it into new, flexible office spaces including a restaurant called The Peddler.

  • The Peddler restaurant required an illuminated menu box externally, which kept with the branding and complimented the exterior of the building.

  • Internally, we supplied a 3.5 metre high window graphic – This was manufactured by printing a layer of black and brown ink onto an optically clear vinyl which was then backed up with a layer of white ink to help the design stand out.

  • The window graphic was applied internally to ensure longevity, we also installed profile cut, bronze vinyl.

  • A contemporary colour palette was chosen when considering the external panel signs, combined with warm white LEDs for the external lightboxes.

  • Location:


  • Date completed:

    May 2021